Things to Do in Frisco

Of all the towns in Colorado, Frisco might be the best place to relish the pure fancy of adventure. Established during the great Colorado Silver Boom of 1879, the municipality of Frisco was incorporated into the state the next year. Since then it has grown to become one of the premier tourist destinations in the midWest, with activities for every season and for people of every predilection. This doesn’t just make it a must-visit vacation spot, but it is quickly becoming a hotspot for real estate purchases in the state of Colorado.

The benefit of living in Frisco (as all Friscoans will tell you), is that not only are you living in a town that is in-demand year-round﹘making converting your property into a vacation rental a viable option for some secondary income﹘but you are greeted with an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains as you step out your front door. Just like the people who make the pilgrimage to Frisco each year, denizens of the town have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the richness of the land all about them.

Winter Activities 

Frisco has exemplified itself as one of the best places to enjoy the snow in Colorado. While skiing is the bread and butter of any good winter resort, the directors of Frisco’s famous Nordic Center have worked to provide a wide variety of winter sports for people of all ages and abilities. These include:

  • The Frisco Gold Rush: A ski race to end all ski races, the Frisco Gold Rush is the longest-running Nordic activity in Colorado. Skiers wishing to participate in the Rush need not be a budding Olympian﹘races are broken up into different categories, catering to ski type and skill level. Come cut the snow in honor of our miner forebears, and race to the end. You just might strike gold. 

  • Up & At ‘Em Ski Series: For those looking for a more bespoke challenge, this ski series consists of four races that cross a number of paths and passes on courses that provide a fair challenge to both skate- and classic-style skiers.

  • Skijoring: Fancy a dog sled race, but on skis? This Scandanavian sport has taken Frisco by storm, and the Nordic Center offers lessons to train both dog and master how to engage in this fun and unique winter sport together.

  • Frisco Freeze Fat Bike Race: For cyclists who curse the snowfall for putting a pin in their hobby, the Nordic Center has you covered. Grab a bike and the fattest set of wheels you can find and hit the slopes in this professionally-timed, all-out race through the mountains. Contestants will each receive a gift, while the top racers in every heat will be recognized with special awards.

  • Sleigh Rides: What is a winter wonderland without a sleigh ride through the mountains? Frisco has been making magical moments for visitors for years, and you can share this experience with your loved ones with a simple phone call to reserve a space. 

For those who haven’t mastered their ski technique, the Center also has a plethora of classes for individuals and groups of all skill levels. Yes, there are even classes geared towards experienced skiers with the aim of making them true masters of the sport. Tube runs and snowshoeing are also available for visitors looking for a different pace to their winter activities.


Summer Activities

Frisco doesn’t just shine when the snow has fallen, but can equally entertain during the summer months when the flowers are in bloom and the mountains sing with the activity of nearby fauna. While equipped to accommodate winter vacationers alongside the Nordic Center, the Frisco Adventure Park shows its true quality during the summer. Activities include: 

  • Bike and Skate Parks: Release your inner X-Games athlete by visiting one of our bike or skate parks. Here you can perfect your kickflip or shoot for the 900 before strapping on a BMX helmet for a go on our dirt track.

  • Disc Golfing: Send your Frisbee flying on the free disc golfing course, complete with 18 holes and a lodge to purchase gear.

  • Wagon Rides: If you thought a winter sleigh ride couldn’t be beaten, take the opportunity to experience the mountain range in the full splendor of its summer finery. A team of draft mules will pull your wagon through some of the most beautiful country in all of Colorado.

No matter what type of experience you’re looking for in Frisco, owning property in this town is a fantastic investment in your future happiness, and perhaps even the happiness of others yet to come.