Things to Do in Breckenridge

Scenic view of Breckenridge

When looking at homes for sale in Colorado, one could hardly go wrong with Breckenridge. Established as a mining outpost in 1859, the town has grown into one of Colorado’s most beautiful destinations. Built around historic Main Street, which showcases facades that date back to its founding, Breckenridge has grown in popularity with tourists looking for recreation in both winter and summer, as well as with Coloradoans looking for a place to set down roots. As such, real estate in Breckenridge has grown in demand.

Whether you’re looking for land to build on, or an apartment for sale in Breckenridge, this town rewards all newcomers with a host of activities to enjoy year-round. From the world-renowned snow to the emerald beauty of America’s most famous mountain range, Breckenridge is not lacking for things to do.

Winter Activities

Downtown Breckenridge Colorado in the winterPerhaps the biggest reason people are looking for homes for sale in Breckenridge is to have a front-row seat to the frosty splendor that is the winter season. Colorado is indeed famous for its skiing, snowboarding, and sledding; ski resorts account for much of the state’s tourism seven months out of the year. But Breckenridge offers more. Each winter the town plays host to numerous festivals which are the pride of those who own real estate nearby. These events include:

  • The Race of the Santas -- Kicking off December is this annual race that already has the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records, wherein hundreds of Santas participate in a run for the Adopt an Angel charity. This is then capped off with the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree.

  • Ullr Fest -- Owners of a new home or apartment in Breckenridge will quickly get familiar with the Vikings of Ullr. In a party to rival any other, the city holds a winter parade and the state’s biggest annual bonfire, with participants sporting horned helmets and double-edged battleaxes. A mug of mead and a fur-lined tunic can’t go wrong in this Nordic celebration.

  • Snow Sculpture Championships -- This historic town brings new meaning to “winter wonderland” with its annual snow sculpture bonanza. Thousands flock into town to see the handcrafted beauty of these incredible ice creations. Be wary, however: these ice castles aren’t the typical homes for sale that are in such demand in Breckenridge. When the championships are over, these beauties are gone forever.

  • Mardi Gras -- Topping off the winter festival season is the granddaddy of all annual parties, Mardi Gras. Good for the whole family, Breckenridge celebrates Fat Tuesday with all the pomp and circumstance of the Big Easy itself. Food, parades, beads, and bars make for the best celebration this side of the Mississippi.

Summer Activities

Cycling in the summer in BreckenridgeAfter such a winter season, one would be tempted to think that Breckenridge has nothing left to offer. But citizens know that that’s just the beginning. Summer in Colorado has a whole other, wonderfully realized atmosphere. In addition to the bevy of outdoor activities that the Rockies offer--from hiking to rafting to marathoning--Breckenridge adds value to its real estate by having even more annual bashes. These include:

  • Breck Pride -- Come take part in the joy of a diverse life with the Breckenridge Pride Week in April. Celebrating all things LGBTQ+, there are activities both in and around the town, including a beer festival and nature tours.

  • Independence Day -- Snatching up a home for sale in Breckenridge never feels better than one’s first Independence Day celebration in town. Trail runs, bike marathons, street concerts, art workshops, BBQs, and fireworks turn the first week of July into an unforgettable Breckenridge tradition.

The Benefits of Breckenridge Real Estate

There is so much to love about finding a home or apartment for sale in Breckenridge. Not only are the winter and summer months stacked with things to do, people to meet, and mountains to conquer, but those are only two seasons out of the year. There is still more to discover, more to take in, during the Spring and Autumn months as well. Come by and learn why buying real estate in Breckenridge has never not been a great idea.