Breckenridge Community

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When looking to vacation in Breckenridge the marquee attractions are the year-round festivals, historic atmosphere, and of course, the mountains. But for those who live in Breckenridge, the town’s best feature is by far its sense of community. One of the perks of small-town living is that sense of cohesion one feels with their neighbors and the investment for the local schools and businesses. You’ll be surprised by how this old mining town has grown into a contemporary-minded community while still holding on to its core values of family and child development, as well as beautifying the environment.

Building a Better Community

One of Breckenridge’s best qualities is the dedication of its citizens to creating an environment where families can flourish, and kids can reach their full potential. A quick perusal of the city’s Community Development projects shows plans for the building up of new churches, apartment buildings, and subdivisions to accommodate the needs of this growing community. 

In addition, the town of Breckenridge is constantly showing its dedication to its citizens by making it easier for families to grow and learn in a city where doors open for them, not close. This includes: 

  • The Child Care Tuition Program: In order to make it possible for more parents to enter the workforce in vital and productive ways, the Child Care Tuition program was created in order to ease the burden caused by rising costs of child care and early education. Since its inception in 2007, Breckenridge has donated more than $7 million to families in need so that neither the parents nor the children need suffer due to the lack of opportunities.

  • An Exemplary School District: The Breckenridge School District consistently ranks #1 in all relevant metrics for the entire county. Not only do students in each of the district’s schools get access to up-to-date computer technology, but there is a bevy of extracurricular activities available to kids of all ages. Breckenridge High School also offers a number of helpful scholarships to worthy grad students each year.

  • Access to Important Resources: The city of Breckenridge is not only interested in making a place for people to live, but in raising the quality of life for each person who calls it home. That’s why there is no shortage in the number of organizations that exist to assist where needed. Citizens are encouraged to reach out to local chapters of The Salvation Army, the Ministerial Association, and the Department of Human Services, among others.

Mountain View of Breckeridge Colorado

Building a Greener Community

For such a historic town, Breckenridge is one of the most environmentally conscientious cities in the state of Colorado. Blessed with such a unique and remarkable view on all sides of mountains, rivers, and forests, the citizens of Breckenridge are committed to making sure the city will persist beautifully for generations to come. This includes:

  • Establishing new resource-saving projects: One of the best ways that Breckenridge plans for a greener future is by creating city-wide initiatives that are designed to both preserve the environment as well as galvanize the community to think green. This includes the construction of a second water treatment plant, as well as making recycling available to every residence in the city. 

  • The SustainableBreck Initiative: A huge step forward for conservationism and sustainable living, the SustainableBreck plan is designed to help businesses and residents alike to reduce their carbon footprint and start using renewable energy. You can learn more about that initiative here.

You Can Help Us

The progress we’ve made to build a better community is the result of thousands of people earnestly trying to do better every day. That is the overarching characteristic of the city of Breckenridge, and those who buy a new home here will feel the electricity in the air to join in that effort. When you move to Breckenridge, you know that you are joining a community that is dedicated to seeing your family succeed, and that appreciates the responsibility that comes with the incredible landscape all around us.