About Boulder 


Boulder is the perfect go-between for those seeking a bigger community than the mountains have to offer, yet quaint enough to have that small town feel. Boulder is home to the state’s largest university, The University of Colorado, Boulder, making it a true college town. Boulder comes equipped with all the amenities of a larger metropolitan area but offers plenty in the way of activities and small local communities. From excellent dining around the downtown area to rock climbing and even skiing at Eldora, Boulder has a little of everything.

As far as real estate is concerned, Boulder comes with a wide variety of offerings. Everything from townhomes to million-dollar luxury properties can be found here, and in a unique housing market, there are wonderful investment opportunities for students when it comes to real estate.

Boulder is the type of place that’s just right: No harsh winters, yet plenty of skiing just a short drive away; plenty of wide open spaces for hiking, camping and backpacking, but a great downtown with lots of nightlife to offer. Boulder is perfect for living a quintessential Colorado lifestyle.